The podcast is live!

Tonight we published our first episode of the A Canadian Skoolie podcast. You can listen in here.

There are so many Canadians out there who have built or are building incredible custom homes as skoolies. With this podcast, we are hoping to share their unique stories, learn from their experiences, and connect with the broader skoolie network.

This first episode is an introduction to the two of us and our initial experiences with our skoolie. Future episodes will feature interviews with different Canadians who have built skoolies of their own – some as homes, some as businesses, some as recreational vehicles, and we’ll discuss the adventures and challenges they have gone through along the way.

Next up, Dan will interview Yvan Lacroix. Lacroix is a prolific YouTuber and an active and helpful presence on the Skoolie & Bus Conversion Canada Facebook group (a group which has been a great resource for us). He and his wife Sylvie Robidoux have converted three (!) buses and have a wealth of knowledge on skoolies. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot from them!

Dan is aiming to publish a podcast every week, and he usually does what he says he will do, so…stay tuned!